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Rug Styles
  • Pak-Peersian fine wool rug Heritage collection


  • QUM-Peersian fine wool rug QUM collection


  • Modern Transitional Rugs Collection


  • Heriz Persian fine wool rug Heris collection Navy Blue/Red


  • Modern Overdye Persian fine wool rug Overdye collection


  • Vintage Persian fine wool rug Tabriz Vintage collection Beige/Brown


  • Antique Persian fine wool rug Laver Kerman Antique collection Multi/Blue/Pink


  • Masterpiece Persian fine wool rug Tabriz Masterpiece collection Blue/Brown/Multi


  • Rug Size

  • Extra Large Rugs

    9'x12' and UP


  • Large Rugs

    7’X10’ TO 8’X10’


  • Medium Rugs

    5’X7’ TO 6’X9’


  • Small Rugs

    4’X6’ AND UNDER


  • Runners


  • Rug Color
  • RED

  • Orange

  • BLUE

  • TEAL


  • GREY




  • PINK

  • Services
  • Contact Us

    If you are in need of professional rug cleaning services in Houston and near by, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our knowledgeable team is here to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the exceptional service you deserve.

    Phone: +1 571-599-2052


    Address: Arteverk Rugs & Home, 13953 Fondren Road, Missouri City TX 77489, United States


    Arteverk Rugs has a dedicated team of experts in rug cleaning and restoration work. From reweaving to water damage, Arteverk guarantees that your rug will be as good as new. We also offer home pick-up and drop-off services for our clients as part of our rug cleaning and restoration services.

    Trades and more

    Considered by many as the top, dependable, and affordable oriental rugs store in Houston, offering and accepting well-maintained rug trades, and providing expert knowledge for all types of rugs.

    Each rug is examined thoroughly for damage, including moth damage, before restoration. Here are Arteverk Oriental Rugs, we understand that you need your beautiful rugs to be both appealing and practical. Being over 3 decades in the business, we are very well experienced and knowledgeable to take care of all types of rug quality, whether it be wool, silk, cotton, camel hair, antique, traditional, transitional, modern or contemporary.

     Our expert staff are highly experienced to deal with all sorts of issues and problems you may have with your rugs. We have dealt with all these issues multiple times.

    With our repeated yarn to yarn hand wash our dedicated team will rejuvenate and revitalize your rug, bringing it back to state you can enjoy once again. We have cleaned and repaired thousands of rugs for our fellow Americans over the years.


    Variations in the rug washing method are determined by the type and condition of the rug.

    A technician may manually clean the rug, using gentle agitation/brushing and addressing each yarn individually. We utilize a rug washing machine/vacuum to carefully regulate the water amount and the cleaning soap solution. Our environmentally friendly soap solution and clean water effectively remove dirt from rugs without leaving residue.

    Experienced professionals perform precise and skilled hand washing on delicate, aged, or sensitive rugs to thoroughly remove all dirt. The dry cleaning process is employed for sensitive rugs, especially silk.

    Experienced professionals oversee and perform the method and process to ensure your rug is returned in better condition than when received.