Decorating with Arteverk’s hand knotted rugs

The journey of hand-knotted rugs dates back to the 4th century B.C. Ancient Persian rugs had intricate patterns and impressive knot counts, making them beautiful as well as durable.

Organic floor coverings give a luxurious and elegant feel to every interior setting. Embellishing your home with hand-woven rugs brings color, style and warmth to your living spaces.

We sustain the promise of using all-natural materials such as the best-selected wool and organic dyes. Extensive care is taken while weaving delicate patterns. Initially, our dedicated team members create unique digital designs. These designs have a specific theme and motif, and can belong to the following categories:

1. Traditional

Featuring traditional and oriental patterns inspired by a variety of timeless arts and exotic places.



2. Transitional

Amalgam of modern and traditional elements to make a cohesive contemporary pattern.


3. Tribal

It depicts tribal vision to rejoin authenticity and beauty.


4. Persian

Oriental designs with extremely beautiful color combinations and unique style.


Adorn your personal and commercial spaces with intricate patternsunique designs, and exquisite styles of these rugs. You can explore our incredible collection according to the scheme and setting of the room. Keeping in view the decorative needs, you can ornament any space with the right hand-knotted rug.

Decorating with Arteverk will never disappoint your aesthetic expectations as we never compromise on quality. Our rugs make your house a home in the literal sense – filled with pure affectionate feelings and where you can be yourself.

Arteverk rugs evoke unmatched colors and visions and consist of a higher needle count to make them long-lasting. The substantial number of knots per square inch (differing from rugs) ensures timeless quality and durability.

Change your room’s existing appearance or produce a new decor – whatever suits you. Arteverk offers one-of-a-kind rug designs for all kinds of spaces and ambiances.

Keep your tradition alive with the artistic masterpieces!